Level of Players

✔✔✔High Performance

UTR 3 to 11

✔✔✔Junior Academy

UTR 1 to 4
(ages 13 to 18)
Level 1
UTR 1 to 2.5
(ages 9 to 13)


Ricardo Munar

15+ years of coaching experience with professional and junior players, achieving several #1 in New England and #10 in the country. Won 3 Conference Championships playing at Shaw University.

Aidan Burt

Assistant Coach of Boys Philips Academy. 4 years as a player including a NEPSAC Class A Championship. Former Top 10 USTA New England Junior Player.



Having strong technical fundamentals is the key to giving players a long term high ceiling with regards to their potential and performance. Emphasizing daily on establishing solid grips, swing patterns and proper footwork is a priority for the program. We are very proud of the technical fundamentals that our players have developed throughout the years.


Despite the technological evolution of the game, a high percentage of choices that a player makes in their competition is what establishes the player’s level and performance. Focusing on the reinforcement of good fundamental choices helps us develop players who can excel on all surfaces and conditions.


Being a better athlete will help prevent tennis players from getting injured, help build their confidence on the competitive scene, and help them push themselves further during practices. Our daily tennis specific conditioning training strives to support our students with their athletic development, knowing the short and long-term positive impact on their games and lives.


The consistent mental training, on and off the court, includes journaling, goal setting, mental activation, concentration exercises, team building activities, and in between points scenarios. This method of training allows the program to maintain its commitment to excellence and to the wholeness of our players growth and development.


Ultimately, Competition is what the game is about. Our coaching staff is always focused on the fact that being a better competitor also allows for a high level of enjoyment of the game. Our players compete ALL the time, while they work on developing their skills. Another important part of this component is the coaches’ commitment to support and mentor the players and families by traveling with them to tournaments and events.

Tennis is a microcosm of life! We lean on that truth to build champions and better people. Our goal is to find empathy with people through excellence in training.  We aim to influence our team members in a positive manner (players, parents, coaches and the tennis community). We build the tools that will help them face life and maximize on the opportunities that it offers. 



12pm – 2:30 pm
One-hour private lesson available
at 10am & 11am


(617) 935 7371