Maximizing our potential….

It only takes a few minutes watching Rafael Nadal in person to realize what incredible natural ability he was “born” with. Standing at a big and strong 6’2” of height and muscle that put together with the “leftyness” and a pair of super-fast hands that can create incredible RPMs on every hit that he gives to the ball. Watching Rafael Nadal play soccer or do soccer tricks with the tennis ball is another example of his skills and natural talent. All these and more reasons clearly speak about a guy who nature provided all the tools to be a world champion.

But Rafa was simply not raised to be aware of these natural given skills and attributes. He was raised with the beliefs that in order to achieve his dreams he had to be the hardest worker out there; he had to brush the clay court after practice; he had to carry his own bag and his own bucket of  balls to practice; he had to expect “pain” and suffering during practice and competition, and learn to somehow “ENJOY”  them; he had to always show gratefulness; he had to show strong sportsmanship (to this day, Rafael Nadal has never broken a racket); and he had to run every single ball down no matter how far it would be.

The point with the story of Rafael Nadal story is that these traits that he was brought up with from Uncle Tony and the people around him are all things the WE can all work on, preach and live by. Maybe through their practice, we can maximize the potential that our own natural given talents can show. It is definitely worth trying!!!

Image by y.caradec under Creative Commons License (Wikipedia)