HOW and not WHAT

As we navigate the process of our junior players in their pursuit to maximize their potential and reach high level goals, we find ourselves looking for what to do to get there. The longer that I am around the game, the more that I learn that it is not in fact WHAT the kids are … Read more


As part of the USTA National Faculty coaching program, I had t the opportunity to participate as one of the coaches of a National Camp last weekend at the training center in Orlando, Florida. The camp involved another ten coaches from very important developmental programs around the US as well as some of the Player … Read more

It Takes What It Takes

The story goes that when the last crew of GREAT men American players was active (Sampras, Chang, Agassi, and Courier), a person would walk into the player lounge area of the US Open, and he would see each of these characters sitting on their own table spending time with their individual teams. At the same … Read more

Maximizing our potential….

It only takes a few minutes watching Rafael Nadal in person to realize what incredible natural ability he was “born” with. Standing at a big and strong 6’2” of height and muscle that put together with the “leftyness” and a pair of super-fast hands that can create incredible RPMs on every hit that he gives … Read more

Nerves vs Fear…

The tournament system in the US has to be used as a positive tool for our youngsters to develop throughout the difficult junior years. The fact that we have opportunities to battle almost every single weekend with peers of similar levels and ambitions should help us all develop the skills that we practice very hard … Read more

Doubles weekends!

As a junior player, I was not a doubles’ specialist because there was not such a thing. Doubles were a part of the national and international events that I competed in, but singles were always the main focus. However, my game-style suited the doubles game well, and while I had a good singles’ record, my … Read more

Tournament tips…

I had a nice conversation with a family from the Netherlands who is considering moving to the Boston area next year, and they wanted to find out more about what we do for training. I asked a lot of questions regarding the kid’s training and competition schedule in order to try to set up a … Read more

Cheering for him!!

During the mid 1990s, one of the touring professional players who would stop by and do short training blocks at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy was an American guy named Brian Shelton. Brian was a solid top 150 player in the world, but above all, he was a class act and a pleasure to help … Read more

New Year

Back in 2005, two of the most promising 18-year-olds in the world had to face each other in the first round of the US Open main draw. The names are now familiar to everyone, but back then they started with very few people on the stands of the side court that they were playing on … Read more

Every Ball!!!!

At the beginning of August of this year, my wife told me to leave a particular Friday evening open at the end of the month because she had gotten tickets to go to Broadway play in NYC.  I love theater, so I didn’t ask much and just looked forward to a night out of town … Read more