In Colombia, we don’t have a holiday celebration like Thanksgiving. For me growing up, it was simply something that we saw in all the TV shows, but I actually had no clue what it was all about. During my ten years living in Florida, there was never a celebration because the holiday always fell on … Read more

Focusing on Progress

My first attempt to become a competitive junior player and follow my father’s steps didn’t go well at all. As a ten-year-old, I played in 5 or 6 tournaments and did NOT win one match. Quitting the game was a natural decision that was understood at our house. However, during the summer of 1987, at … Read more

Hard Work and Attention to Detail

Juan Carlos Ferrero (Former Number one player in the world and French Open champion) coached Alexander Zverev for seven months in 20217. During the time that they spent together, Zverev maintained a top ten in the world ranking and a future champion status. However, early in 2018, Ferrero decided to leave the team saying that … Read more


The New England player has to endure the weather challenges to reach their potential every single year (with at least 7 training months of indoor court time). One of our priorities as a program is to train our athletes to develop offensive skills that will help them differentiate themselves from the players who grow up on environments that include more outdoor training (clay courts, wind, sun, and more).