It has always been about the people

Dear Tennis Academy Family,

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our dear Coach Fanni. Fanni and her husband (Omar) have decided to move to California because he has signed a fulltime coaching position with Slone Stevens (Grand Slam champion). Fanni has been a part of our team and our family for almost three years. Her coaching style, her understanding for people and their challenges, and above all the quality of human being that she is have made a contribution to the program that will continue to impact us positively even now that she is on the west coast. Fanni loves the game from many different angles, and she a true leader on the female coaching movement nationwide. I am very proud to have been able to work side by side and learn from her these years, but I am sad because she has been a very good friend to me and to the dream that our team shares to provide opportunities every day for our players to be coached by incredibly motivated, caring  and knowledgeable people, to strive to become the best competitors that they can be, and to maintain on top of the priorities that being a good person is most important.

As a team, Ricardo, Zuzana, Eva, Rogelio and I are confident that we will be able to maintain the level of quality every day that we are on the courts. Let’s engage the colder months maintaining the goal of being the hardest working team out there, and let’s wish Fanni and Omar incredible success in this next step!!!

See you on the courts!!