Year one flew by…

This past weekend was exactly a year since the time that I decided to take a step into the professionally unknown world of independence after having worked for two incredible entities for thirty years. Being outside of our own comfort zone is what allows for growth, and so many things about my day to day have changed that I honestly believe that I have become a better version of me in this past year. The best part is that I continue to be excited about “Mondays”, and when I refer to Mondays, I am speaking about the beginning of each week, and the new challenges and adventures that it will bring, and I am also saying “Monday” as each individual new step that we take with the goal of helping our kids, coaches and the game of tennis itself.

The incredible levels of support, friendship, commitment, and effort shown by our coaches, parents and students have made each hard step and challenge worth fighting for, and my family and I are forever grateful. As I step into this second year of craziness, I would like to point out a few of the things that the program is working on to continue being able to do more for our players in their development.

A few of our “work in progress” items:

  • Reinstating the full-time program for players with an online and regular academic curriculum.
  • Officializing our partnership with a full time Academy in Florida in order to have a destination down south for the training that needs to take place before certain events that feels like a second home for our players and families.
  • Solidifying a sponsorship brand of rackets and attire for our players.
  • Bringing in a couple of full-time coaches (starting this summer) to allow for more opportunities of individual times and tournament travel.
  • Building on the partnerships with Wellesley College, Tufts University, Saint John’s Prep and the Pingree School to create the BEST summer tennis experience in New England. 

Once again, I thank you all for this awesome year, and I want you to know that our passion to help the development of kids into athletes, leaders and champions is burning inside of us coaches as much if not more than ever before.